Posters & Talks



Invited talk at the Max Planck Zentrum für Physik und Medizin
Erlangen (Germany), Invited, September 23rd
Stochastic dynamics of cell shape during cell state transitions

Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Hybrid, September 13th – September 15th
Stochastic dynamics of cell shape during cell fate transitions

APS March Meeting
Virtual, March 15th – March 19th
Condensate rheology affects the irreversible formation of fibrils


DPG Spring Meeting
Berlin (Germany), March 11th – 16th
Pili-mediated substrate motility of bacteria


Invited Talk at the Brooklyn College, City University of New York
New York City (USA), November 15th
Dynamics of bacterial microcolonies – Theory guided by experiments

Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), June 16th
Von einzelnen Zellen zu multizellulären Strukturen

DPG Spring Meeting
Dresden (Germany), March 19th – 24th
Type IV pili govern the internal dynamics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolonies.


Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Paris (France), May 8th – 10th
Modeling pili-mediated colony formation of N. gonorrhoeae

DPG Spring Meeting
Regensburg (Germany), March 6th – 11th
Differential Motility of N. gonorrhoeae within bacterial microcolonies


Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), July 3rd
Biofilme – Schleim regiert die Welt

8th International Conference “Engineering of Chemical Complexity”
Garching (Germany), June 22nd – June 26th
Formation of Microcolonies in N. gonorrhoeae bacteria

APS March Meeting
San Antonio (USA), March 2nd – March 6th
Pili-Mediated Interactions between Neisseria gonorrhoeae Bacteria are the Driving
Mechanism of Microcolony Merging


Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), June 24th
Biofilme – Mehr als nur Schleim



10th Annual Symposium “Physics of Cancer”
Leipzig (Germany), September 25th – September 27th
Cell shape during cellular fate transitions

Physics of Living Matter Symposium, 14th Edition
Cambridge (United Kingdom), September 2nd – September 3rd
Cell shape changes during cellular fate transitions

DPG Spring Meeting
Regensburg (Germany), March 31st – April 5th
Cross-talk between cell shape and state during cell fate transitions


Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Heidelberg (Germany), May 8th – 10th
Internal dynamics of N. gonorrhoeae microcolonies are governed by type IV pili

Conference “Biology for Physics: Is there new Physics in Living Matter?”
Barcelona (Spain), January 15th – 18th
Pili-mediated dynamics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolonies


International Workshop “Physical Biology of Tissue Morphogenesis – Mechanics, Metabolism and Signaling
Dresden (Germany), October 17th – October 21st
Pili-mediated dynamics of bacterial microcolonies

623th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar on “Cellular Dynamics”
Bad Honnef (Germany), September 4th – September 7th
Modeling pili-mediated dynamics of bacterial microcolonies

Conference “Active and Smart Matter”
Syracuse (USA), June 20th – 23rd
Pili-mediated cell-cell-interactions control differential motility within N. gonorrhoeae


International Workshop “Random Walks and Nonlinear Dynamics in the Life of Cells”
Dresden (Germany), May 18th – May 22nd
Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolony merging is driven by pili-mediated interactions


Summer School “Models for bacterial biofilm formation: mathematical, physical and biological perspectives”
Nice (France), June 10th – June 13th
Motility of single cells and clusters of Neisseria gonorrhoeae