Posters & Talks



APS March Meeting
Virtual, March 15th – March 19th
Condensate rheology affects the irreversible formation of fibrils


DPG Spring Meeting
Berlin (Germany), March 11th – 16th
Pili-mediated substrate motility of bacteria


Invited Talk at the Brooklyn College, City University of New York
New York City (USA), November 15th
Dynamics of bacterial microcolonies – Theory guided by experiments

Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), June 16th
Von einzelnen Zellen zu multizellulären Strukturen

DPG Spring Meeting
Dresden (Germany), March 19th – 24th
Type IV pili govern the internal dynamics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolonies.


Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Paris (France), May 8th – 10th
Modeling pili-mediated colony formation of N. gonorrhoeae

DPG Spring Meeting
Regensburg (Germany), March 6th – 11th
Differential Motility of N. gonorrhoeae within bacterial microcolonies


Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), July 3rd
Biofilme – Schleim regiert die Welt

8th International Conference “Engineering of Chemical Complexity”
Garching (Germany), June 22nd – June 26th
Formation of Microcolonies in N. gonorrhoeae bacteria

APS March Meeting
San Antonio (USA), March 2nd – March 6th
Pili-Mediated Interactions between Neisseria gonorrhoeae Bacteria are the Driving
Mechanism of Microcolony Merging


Long Night of Science / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Dresden (Germany), June 24th
Biofilme – Mehr als nur Schleim



10th Annual Symposium “Physics of Cancer”
Leipzig (Germany), September 25th – September 27th
Cell shape during cellular fate transitions

Physics of Living Matter Symposium, 14th Edition
Cambridge (United Kingdom), September 2nd – September 3rd
Cell shape changes during cellular fate transitions

DPG Spring Meeting
Regensburg (Germany), March 31st – April 5th
Cross-talk between cell shape and state during cell fate transitions


Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Heidelberg (Germany), May 8th – 10th
Internal dynamics of N. gonorrhoeae microcolonies are governed by type IV pili

Conference “Biology for Physics: Is there new Physics in Living Matter?”
Barcelona (Spain), January 15th – 18th
Pili-mediated dynamics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolonies


International Workshop “Physical Biology of Tissue Morphogenesis – Mechanics, Metabolism and Signaling
Dresden (Germany), October 17th – October 21st
Pili-mediated dynamics of bacterial microcolonies

623th Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar on “Cellular Dynamics”
Bad Honnef (Germany), September 4th – September 7th
Modeling pili-mediated dynamics of bacterial microcolonies

Conference “Active and Smart Matter”
Syracuse (USA), June 20th – 23rd
Pili-mediated cell-cell-interactions control differential motility within N. gonorrhoeae


International Workshop “Random Walks and Nonlinear Dynamics in the Life of Cells”
Dresden (Germany), May 18th – May 22nd
Neisseria gonorrhoeae microcolony merging is driven by pili-mediated interactions


Summer School “Models for bacterial biofilm formation: mathematical, physical and biological perspectives”
Nice (France), June 10th – June 13th
Motility of single cells and clusters of Neisseria gonorrhoeae