New paper on how to measure the diffusivity of single cells within moving aggregates

Together with Vasily Zaburdaev, we have developed a simple technique to characterize the motility of particles within aggregates, independent of any translational or rotational motion of the aggregate.


The paper is published in the Topical issue “Continuous Time Random Walk Still Trendy: Fifty-year History, Current State and Outlook” of the European Journal of Physics B.
Pönisch, W. & Zaburdaev, V. Eur. Phys. J. B (2018) 91: 27.

Welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to this website. I am currently finishing my Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in the group of Dr. Vasily Zaburdaev. We are located in Dresden in the east of germany.  In my Ph.D. work in the field of theoretical biophysics, I am investigating how bacteria move on surfaces and how they form microcolonies. On this website, I will present news of my scientific work.